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» National Polygraph Association of Russia
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National Polygraph Association of Russia


Mission and goals
  • Association of polygraph examiners, who share a common commitment to the professional development and achievement of common professional goals.
  • Formation of a qualitatively new attitude towards polygraph profession and polygraph science altogether.
  • Standardizing of a process of conducting a psychophysiological examination with a use of polygraph by adopting and implementing highest standards of professional and ethical practices.
  • Support and promotion of evidence-based scientific methods of conducting psychophysiological examinations with a use of polygraph.
  • Improving quality of training of new polygraph examiners and advanced trainig of practicing examiners.
  • Representation of interests of the members of the National Polygraph Association of Russia (NPA).
  • Quality control of services provided by examiners – members of the NPA. 
  • Strict regiment of work with NAP members and applicants.
  • Control of compliance with the code of ethical and standards of practice.
  • Complete and unbiased approach to NAP member applications processing.
  • Consistency in decisions and strict adherence to the idea of professional and responsible community of polygraph examiners.
Members benefits
  • Access to the scientific database of the Association.
  • Newsletters from the Association.
  • Member certificate attesting membership in the NAP
  • Favourable terms of participation in NAP conferences and seminars.
  • Access to expert advice and expert opinions on professional issues.
  • Expansion of professional contacts and assistance in professional development.
  • Right of use Association brand logo in business communications, which reflects affiliation with the professional community and is a recommendation for employing companies and market players.
  • Opportunity to be elected and participation in committees of the NPA.
  • Opportunity of article and practical texbooks publication in NAP and partner associations issues and periodicals.



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